About Rita

Rita is the owner and trainer at Rita’s Dogs. She found her way to dog training over 10 years ago when volunteering for shelters in Southern California. She realized she wanted to know more about dog behavior and learning. She wanted to help dogs to be better adjusted to live with humans, and help their people to prevent or fix undesired problem behaviors in dogs. Even though dog training is to this day an unregulated profession in the U.S., Rita felt it was important to seek science based knowledge on dogs and their behavior. She studied on her own until she took Jean Donaldson’s wonderful program at “The Academy for Dog Trainers”. Rita graduated the two year program with honors in 2017 and earned her CTC certificate (Certified Trainer & Consultant). She continues her education by reading books and articles, watching webinars and attending seminars.

Rita lives with her family in Calaveras Co. When not working, she enjoys outdoor activities, camping, gardening and reading.