Initial Consultation – $105

A consultation is required before starting any other services. It lasts 1-1.5 hrs. During the conversation we will:

  • Gather detailed history and discuss your dog’s problem behaviors
  • Explore your training goals
  • Talk about management solutions you can start on right away
  • Decide what gear or other items you may need to purchase
  • Discuss what’s normal and what your dog’s needs are
  • Estimate what training package is best for you and how long the training may take
  • Begin training (if possible)

*At this time we do not take cases of separation anxiety or aggression towards humans


Puppy Packages

Puppies are so fun! But there is also an urgency to get them on the right track and start their training before their socialization window closes. Socializing properly and training your puppy to live in a human world is the best preventative measure for fear, aggression and unwanted behavior problems down the road. We can help you with that! 

We will tailor the training according to your needs, but typical topics include housetraining (potty training), socialization, puppy biting, walking politely on a leash, head start on basic manners (obedience), beginning of recall (coming when called), body handling (prep for vet exams), prevention of resource guarding, gear and management solutions, and more. We provide written handouts and homework assignments. .




Private Consultations

Private consultations are provided at your home or problem location. During private consultations we will coach you how to train your dog. We will create step by step training plans, explain and demo what to do, and provide you with written instructions and homework. All packages include free email support throughout the training.

We can decide what package suits your needs best during the initial consultation.


4 SESSIONS – $300

6 SESSIONS – $450

8 SESSIONS – $600


Day Training

Let’s admit, life is busy. If you would prefer to pass the bulk of training onto a trainer, we can come to your home or problem location and train your dog for you. The visits would be 30min to 1hr long, 2 to 3 times a week.

All packages include a follow up session at the end of training where we explain what your dog learned and how to maintain the new behaviors. Written follow up notes will also be provided. All packages include free email support throughout the training.

4 SESSIONS – $425

6 SESSIONS – $625

8 SESSIONS – $825


We cannot guarantee your dog’s behavior or case outcome; animals come with a lot of variables. In addition, case outcome depends on your participation and following provided training procedures and methods. 

After the first consultation, all services are pre-paid; training sessions of any package can be rescheduled but unused sessions will expire within 6 months. 

There is $10-$20 Travel Fee for each session outside of the Service Area which is 15 mi radius from Sonora, CA.